Forging trusted relationships

launch of ASA Dwaso’s SMP aimed to bridge the gap between retailers and suppliers. With nearly, 3000 clients onboarded since its inception, ASA Dwaso is not only offering a platform, it’s fostering relationships. Users learn about the app through promoters who attend ASA Savings & Loans (‘ASA S&L’) client group meetings or via word-of-mouth. “I found out about the app through the Promoter’s mother. She visited me some time ago and introduced the app. Because I know her personally, I trusted to buy from the app. The Promotor ensured my first order came in time. She is trustworthy to work with,” shares Augustina, a grocery retailer and app user.

A commitment to service

Face-to-face interactions are paramount for ASA Dwaso, especially considering many clients’ limited familiarity with technology.” We go the extra mile”, emphasises Benjamin, an ASA Dwaso employee. “We pick up for clients, hustle, and even step in personally for deliveries. It’s about turning challenges into opportunities and building strong relationships.”

"The app saves me time. Before, I often had to close the shop or leave it unattended to rush to the market, risking losing customers. Now, I can stay and serve my customers without interruptions."

Sabina - Grocery Retailer, Client ASA Dwaso and ASA S&L

Professionalism driving us beyond transactions

With a strong emphasis on addressing challenges and ensuring timely deliveries, ASA Dwaso’s SMP goes beyond mere transactions to deliver tangible impact. With a keen eye on improving affordability, responsiveness, and expanding product offerings based on client requests, the app is undergoing continuous enhancements to better serve retailers. Augustina highlights the value of professionalism in her experience: “The people I have dealt with have been very responsive. Anytime I call, I am being attended to.” Looking forward, ASA Dwaso prioritises nurturing relationships and refining service standards. Each interaction is not just about facilitating transactions but about empowering retailers to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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