ASA International is committed to socio-economic progress 

The vision of one of the Group’s founders was to improve the lives of underprivileged people and bring about social change, which ultimately led him to create the cost-efficient ASA Model. ASA International was established with the aim to replicate the ASA Model in densely populated markets in Asia and Africa.

Our values, behaviours, practices, beliefs, traditions, interactions and attitudes define our culture

The Group is driven by the mission to service female micro-entrepreneurs in the lowest segment of society with little or no access to formalised credit.


As women have a positive influence on loan repayment behaviour, we are convinced that by empowering women through business loans, the Group enhances these women’s decision-making stature at home and in their communities.

By providing working capital loans to women, the Group encourages the deployment of disposable income to the fundamental needs of the household which drives economic development, such as education, health, nutrition, sanitation and housing.

The Group regularly benchmarks loan interest rates against equivalent providers in their countries of operation and currently charges in a range from 23% to 50% per annum, depending on country, product and loan term. The interest rates offered are generally similar to those offered by other lending institutions for the same durations and loan sizes.

The Group’s loan officers not only assess the repayment capacity of a potential client, but also the earning capacity of the client’s business. They also assess how the Group’s loans could increase the client’s earnings.