Distinguishing features

Group selection without joint liability High touch client interaction through weekly collection1
Loans granted exclusively for income generating activities Ongoing assessment of client needs, benefits and satisfaction
Full repayment via instalments before eligible for new loan Repeat loan cycles with set limits
No incentive or bonus payments for operating staff Low ticket size

International roll-out of the ASA model has resulted in sustainable growth and returns

1 Monthly collecting in Pakistan and bi-weekly in Myanmar for ASA International as per local market practice.

Replicable and low-cost branch model

The branch is the centre of the Group’s ecosystem and underpins the scalability of ASA International’s business model. This decentralised model allows for cost efficiency, quick decision making and replicability.

Branch activity is strictly monitored by area and regional managers, with offsite supervision, fraud and misappropriation departments and regular internal audits.

Scalable part 1.PNG