One of the three areas ASA Kenya’s UN SDGs community programs address is access to basic healthcare for the underprivileged. Since many families cannot afford this right, ASA Kenya has now financed five community health projects in different parts of the country: Pangani, Kitale, Mombasa, Chucka and Kisumu.

Joining forces for healthcare


According to the Kenya Medical Association, almost a third of the payment for medical treatment requires direct payment from the individual’s pocket, explaining why up to 7 million Kenyans never seek treatment even when they need it – because they simply cannot afford it. Public funding is lacking, and the doctor-to-patient ratio is inadequate, especially in rural areas.

Through its extensive branch network across 34 counties, ASA Kenya collects first-hand information regarding the least privileged communities, and guides the Company on which areas to prioritise. Through group meetings and word-of-mouth, clients help to mobilise members of the community requiring treatment.

Joining forces

To properly address these challenges faced in the healthcare sector, ASA Kenya has established partnerships with reputable medical institutions such as Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital and Taiba Medical Centre, specialising in dental treatment, minor tumour surgery and cleft and palate surgery.

Integral to this partnership is that ASA Kenya is responsible for organising and financing health camps, while the medical institution performs the procedures. The branch staff play a fundamental role, assisting during the health camp and remain in contact with the beneficiaries to check in on their recovery.

"My daughter (9) has suffered from a tumour in her neck for many years and no doctor around Kitale could remove it until now. Four weeks after the operation she fully recovered and was emboldened to smile around the other children in the village again.

Hellen Mukhwana, Mother to a beneficiary of Kitale health camp

Kisumu health camp

In November 2022, a two-day health camp for county residents was organised at Kisumu branch in collaboration with Taiba Medical Centre. The medical team successfully conducted 16 minor tumour surgeries, 10 circumcisions, 88 dental extractions, and 20 tooth fillings. All 174 patients received medication after their treatments.

Jecnter Onyango, one of the beneficiaries, commented: “There was a tumour growing on my left ear. It started when I was young, and my parents could not afford to take me to the hospital for treatment. I heard about the free medical camp from my neighbour, an ASA Kenya client. I am thankful to the doctors for removing the tumour and tending to me well.” The health camp and Jecnter’s testimony have been featured on the local news.