“ASAI’s Loan has helped me convert my temporary structured fast food counter into a permanent structure. With increased business, my husband who was employed as a painter has now joined me and we jointly run this small enterprise.”

Khusnahar Bibii is on the 6th cycle of her ASAI loan. Using her ASAI loans to invest in her business she has doubled her income and plans to continue to borrow from ASAI to diversify her fast food centre operations into stationery. This will help to further increase her income and also create job opportunities among the local community as she plans to employ more people to run her enterprise.

She has also created a training facility to train around 20 local women in dress design to increase their employability and continue to improve her own skills.

“Now I do not have to depend upon my husband and other sources for funding my small shop. ASAI’s loan is easily available and has considerably helped me grow and expand my business.”

Chalima Bibi runs a small shop selling a range of items including cosmetics, stationery and mobile recharge coupons. She is on the 7th cycle of her loan, having initially borrowed Rs.6,000 and currently has a loan of Rs.15,000. The loan from ASAI and the money earned from her small business has increased her independence considerably. Chalima can now provide her two children with an education and support her family.

“ASAI’s loan has freed us from the clutches of money lenders who were charging us 120% interest per annum. Now, we are able to run our business without worrying about our finances. We can also afford to send our children to school.”

On the fifth cycle of her loan, Sita Debi Kumar uses the money she borrows from ASAI to fund the raw materials required for her pottery and clay modelling business.

“I used ASAI’s loan for my small clothes shop. With the loan, I was able to move location and improve my infrastructure. Through the loan, I have been able to acquire designer clothing which has made my shop more attractive and has subsequently increased demand.” 

This is the first time that Sahanara Bibi has borrowed from ASAI. It has helped her to expand to a different location and enabled her to offer a wider variety of clothing, allowing her to develop her business and considerably increase her income.  With the business rapidly developing, Sahanara’s husband has now joined her and she has four employees to meet the increasing demand.  In the future, she plans to continue to develop her infrastructure and has ordered an almirah as part of her expansion plans.