Cultivating environmental stewardship

Key partnerships were formed with environmentally responsible schools and universities, carefully chosen in alignment with government guidance. The students and school officials became active participants in the project, adopting and nurturing tree seedlings.

The choice of fruit trees added an extra layer of excitement among the students, as the prospect of watching something grow and eventually sharing the harvest with their friends ignited a tangible connection to nature and a sense of ownership among the younger generation.

The project also went beyond planting trees; it became an educational endeavour. Before the planting, all participants – including students, ASA colleagues, clients and community members – engaged in discussions about the need for climate action and environmental stewardship. ASA’s colleagues experienced how the planting project not only deepened their connection with the nature but also fostered bonds with clients, as they worked hand in hand towards a common goal.

We actively seek partnerships with stakeholders who share our mission. Our aim isn’t just to roll out programs for the sake of it; we genuinely aspire to contribute to change.”

David Munge - Sustainability Manager, ASA Kenya

The Government of Kenya as a catalyst for collaboration

The Government’s support, driven by the President’s commitment to climate action, played a pivotal role. The Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi in 2023 emphasised the urgent need for collective efforts, followed by setting ambitious tree planting targets for all counties. This initiative not only garnered support from local chiefs, who mobilised communities, but also spurred healthy competition between counties, accelerating collaboration. To ensure the trees yield the intended results, Dr. Alice Ruto established the ‘‘apid Result Initiative’, which diligently monitors the progress of the trees – including the trees ASA planted in Nairobi County.

Spreading impact and future endeavours

While ASA seeks to expand its impact to other counties, including more arid areas, the Company actively engages in discussions with local governments. The commitment to invest in environmental initiatives, originating from the organisation’s leadership, serves as a driving force.

Partners are drawn to collaborating with ASA due to their socially responsible model, grounded in client protection principles, extensive outreach, and personal endorsements from clients. The shared goals and tangible impact are crucial in nurturing these partnerships. “We actively seek partnerships with stakeholders who share our mission. Our aim isn’t just to roll out programs for the sake of it; we genuinely aspire to contribute to change”, Mr Munge explains.

Strengthening the ASA business model

The tree planting project in Kenya epitomises the strength of partnerships, collective responsibility, and environmental stewardship. This initiative aligns with the Company’s core value of teamwork, and by engaging clients in environmental initiatives, it contributes to ASA’s mission and strengthens its business model, by promoting sustainable growth while making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Tree planting initiatives spanned across ten countries, resulting in a total of 29.5k trees planted.

Read more about the tree planting target on page 62 of the Annual Report 2023.

One of the events in Rwanda was captured on video here.