Raja’s recruitment

“I went from an office cleaner to a loan officer, working full-time for ASA India. Being selected was a life-changing moment for me.”


Raja was initially employed at the ASA India Head Office through an outsourced office cleaning service. One day, during a casual conversation, the Managing Director of ASA India, Mr Dasgupta, recognised that Raja was adequately academically qualified and had the true potential for higher positions. Raja submitted his CV, was invited for an interview and cleared all the stages to partake in the Pre-service orientation (‘PSO’) training.

“I went for residential PSO training. It was very informative and in-depth: we were told about ASA’s history, the methodology, the financial processes, loan officer’s responsibilities and formal benefits. Additionally, we came to know more about how ASA works in the field: how the staff never pressurise borrowers and that it is very important to speak politely with the borrowers. Upon completion of the theoretical training, I went to the Baduria branch for practical training. The team there was very supportive, and they helped me understand the practices a loan officer needs to follow. After I cleared the final examination, I was selected to become a loan officer. The recruitment process and training has been very helpful for my day-to-day work.

From time to time, I am provided with training, and now I am capable of using a tablet and computer for my everyday work. Also, my responsibilities are not limited to loan-related activities; as a loan officer, I participate in CSR activities. I was part of the Deganga health camp organising team, and it was fulfilling to provide this kind of service to the people in need. We work for the betterment of society, and that is very rewarding. I feel proud when the borrowers say how satisfied they are with ASA.