Engagement and support of employees are prerequisites for the success of the Company’s digital journey. It is essential to create awareness and encourage a mindset shift towards new technologies and tools through training programs. These programs not only equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge but also foster a sense of ownership and commitment to the company’s digital goals.

Beating the digitalization drum

Training field managers

In October 2022, the Company’s Digital Financial Services (‘DFS’) team conducted a comprehensive two-week training program on the ground. Ten half-day sessions were held in four locations in Southern and Northern Ghana, with approximately 20 participants in each group session. A total of 170 divisional, area, and branch managers attended the training, which covered various topics, including the implementation of DFS in Ghana and an introduction to the mobile app, the Supplier Market Place, and the core banking system. Screens and wireframes from the different interfaces were shared to give participants a feel for the technology. The interactive sessions allowed loan officers to replay scenarios and provide feedback on the digitalization drive. Establishing a feedback loop enables the company to identify and effectively address challenges, including frequently mentioned security concerns.

"As branch managers, we need to feel and be empowered. By engaging us in training, we can cultivate and extend our knowledge to loan officers and clients.

Mavis, Branch Manager of Mathama branch

Experiences from the field

The training sparked excitement among participants as they realized the potential improvements that could be achieved by implementing new systems and technology. Interviewed branch managers found the training enlightening and empowering, as it built on their involvement in tasks like logo testing and surveys. As they went back to the branches to relay their learnings, two branch managers recounted that loan officers are supportive and are particularly enthusiastic about the streamlined processes and reduced paperwork that the applications will provide, as well as the improved ability to monitor clients and respond to their requests. One of the branch managers allayed concerns about staff reductions, emphasizing that growth in resources goes hand in hand with serving an expanding customer base and field officers remain essential, as they are well-sensitized to client issues and support clients when familiarizing with new developments.