Sustainable growth

The Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and increased financial inclusion by continuing to grow its loan portfolio, broadening its products and services and adding digital financial services. In addition to the branch model with a proven credit methodology, client group meetings and active field presence, a digital channel via smartphones and other mobile devices will be developed. This will enrich the high-touch services for existing clients while at the same time attracting new client groups.

Grow loan portfolio through branch network

By increasing the number of clients per branch, increasing loan volumes per client, opening branches in existing countries and by greenfield branches in new countries, the Group continues to expand its operations organically. By diversifying into more markets, the Group strengthens its risk profile.

  • Increase the number of clients per branch in existing branches.
  • Gradually increase the loan size per client in existing branches.
  • Increase the number of bank/deposit-taking licences.
  • Open new branches in existing countries of operation.
  • Greenfield branches in new countries.
  • 1,165 clients per branch.
  • The OLP/client increased in twelve out of the thirteen countries, particularly increasing in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
  • The Pakistan operations were inspected by State Bank of Pakistan as the final step prior to approval for issuance of the microfinance bank licence.
  • 79 new branches began operations in existing countries.
  • Due to the pandemic no commencement yet of new operations in new countries.
  • Laid the foundation for the sustainability governance structure.
  • In nine markets, continue to grow branch network, client base and loan portfolio (per client) at a sustainable rate, making sure that clients continue to be able to repay their loans and branch staff can manage client and loan portfolio growth, without negatively impacting the quality of the loan portfolio.
  • Further pursuing microfinance bank/deposit-taking licenses in Pakistan, Tanzania and other East African countries.
  • New markets are being analysed in Africa.
  • The Sustainability Committee has kicked-off in 2022 and the Sustainability Working Group, which started in 2021, will continue to propose and implement the climate-related strategic decisions to drive improvement.
  • A high-quality portfolio remains the highest priority.
  • Continue to grow client base and loan portfolio through branch network.
  • Securing and operating central bank regulated deposit-taking financial institutions to strengthen deposit-taking capacity.
  • It is expected to continue to commence operations in new markets at a sustainable rate.

Add digital services, integrated with branch model

By digitising processes (including loan applications, on-boarding, customer care and client group communication) and offering clients digital financial services (such as online loans, accounts, payments and deposits) and other digital value-added services to support the growth of clients’ small businesses, the Group aims to further improve its customer service, client retention as well as attracting new client groups.

  • Digitise operational processes.
  • Offer digital financial services, such as online loans, accounts, payments and deposits.
  • Introduce client app once successfully piloted.
  • Provide value-added services to support the growth of clients’ small businesses, attracting new client groups.
  • Continue to strengthen the proprietary Microfinance Management System AMBS, to ensure a smooth switch to the new comprehensive core banking system for full deposit-taking in selected markets.
  • Build a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center ('SOC') to monitor cyber security threats around the clock.
  • Board approval of digital strategy.
  • Commenced development of client app for digital financial services.
  • Purchased license for comprehensive core banking system for attracting deposits from the wider public, which also meets regulatory requirements.
  • Continue to run and improve AMBS in all other countries with gradual integration with core banking software by Temenos.
  • Pilot value-added services in Ghana.
  • Implementing core banking system which will allow for attracting deposits from the public in Ghana and Pakistan (upon receipt of license by State Bank of Pakistan).
  • Preparational phase for a client app in Nigeria.
  • Pilot client app in Ghana, following extensive market and client surveys as well as central bank approval.
  • After a successful pilot, prepare for national introduction of the client app in Ghana.
  • In 2022, the Philippines, Myanmar, Tanzania and Ghana will be included in the Group certification process. The remaining operating subsidiaries will be included in 2023.
  • Offering deposits to the wider public and adding other digital financial services in all operations, on a country-by-country basis, depending on local demand and starting in the operations with bank/deposit-taking licenses.
  • Fully digitise business and ramp up IT platform to meet highest standards for regulated deposit-taking institutions.
  • Complete full digitisation of our business without losing high-touch branch model.
  • Complete development of client app and market introduction across the Group while expanding to a broader customer base.
  • Continue to develop and add value-added services in selected markets.
  • Build up in-house IT capacity to service digital financial services and core banking system.
  • Recruit and train staff to meet digital business requirements.
  • New release of AMBS is scheduled by year end 2023.



Client retention

2020: 78%
2019: 75%


New clients

2020: 0.89m
2019: 1.7m


New branches

2020: 70
2019: 230

USD 181

Average gross loan per client

2020: USD 187
2019: USD 186