Sustainable growth

The Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and increased financial inclusion by growing its loan portfolio, adding digital financial services and broadening services.

* The aspects with icons in the Group’s overall strategy in the banner are intricately connected to digitalisation.

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Increase financial inclusion

  • Increase number of branches and clients
  • Increase loan volumes
  • Introduce new loan products
  • Grow voluntary savings
  • Continued operational growth in 2023.
  • Outstanding Loan Portfolio (‘OLP’) in constant currency grew by 21% to USD 369 million.
  • Number of clients grew slightly to 2.33 million, with 5% growth in H2 2023. The countries with the highest
    growth in clients are Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, which added a combined total of 119k clients.
  • Average Gross OLP per client in constant currency increased by 16% resulting in USD 186 Gross OLP per client.
  • Significantly increased Business Correspondence portfolio in India, in line with 2023 priorities, improving total OLP and Gross OLP in India.
  • Voluntary savings to OLP remains stable at 3%, as there has not been a new market that has started to take deposits
  • Proceed with healthy operational growth in existing markets.
  • Increase Outstanding Loan Portfolio.
  • Realise growth in number of clients.
  • Enhance Gross OLP per client.

Add digital channel and digitise internal processes

  • Maintain branch model and proven credit methodology
  • Maintain group meetings and active field presence
  • Improve branch and loan officer efficiency by digitised internal processes
  • Introduce a digital channel via a smartphone and other mobile devices to enrich the high-touch service
  • Completed implementation of Core Banking System (‘CBS’) in Pakistan in Q1 2024 and continue implementation phase of CBS in Ghana.
  • A digital financial services (‘DFS’) platform is being developed and will be launched with the implementation of the new CBS starting with Ghana.
  • Increased borrowers per loan officer by 5%, from 272 to 287.
  • Leverage the benefits and additional product offering of the new Core Banking platform in Pakistan.
  • Work towards the implementation of the CBS combined with a digital proposition in Ghana.
  • Initiate platform roll-out in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Further improve operational efficiency by increasing borrowers per loan officer.

Offer digital products and services

  • Offer online loans
  • Offer payments, savings and other financial services
  • Provide non-financial value added services (Supplier Market Place, ‘SMP’) to grow clients’ businesses
  • Attract new clients
  • Rolled out the digital market place for clients and their suppliers, called the Supplier Market Place (‘SMP’), in Ghana.
  • Received ‘Commencement of Microfinance Banking Business’ certificate in Pakistan.
  • Preparing application for the Microfinance Banking licence in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Start taking deposits from clients in Pakistan.
  • Launch DFS app that enables digital loans, payments and savings.
  • Grow Supplier marketplace (‘SMP’) in Ghana.
  • Progress with obtaining Microfinance Banking licences in Tanzania and Kenya.