Our key strategic pillars

The Group’s objective is to increase financial inclusion whilst delivering sustainable growth and returns for shareholders. The Group's growth strategy is based on the following strategic pillars:

Expansion strategy: growing its loan portfolio and expanding the Company’s geographic footprint. By further building organically upon its greenfield strategy, and by diversifying into more markets, the Group strengthens its risk profile.

Funding strategy: aligning the growth in assets and liabilities and reducing the cost of funds by becoming fully regulated, deposit-taking institutions in all markets.

Digital strategy: enhancing its digital platform and staying competitive by being at the forefront of any digital finance initiatives.

2021 Priorities 

  • In all countries, the Company continues to focus on the health and safety of its staff and clients and further adjust field operating procedures if and when new disruptions occur.
  • A high-quality portfolio is the Group’s highest priority. The Company remains cautious and is focused on reducing the amount of overdue loans. In the month of April of 2021, Moratoriums on loan repayments were granted to clients and amounted to 0.3% of the Group’s Gross OLP. The Company will continue to provide moratoriums only in those countries where clients are unable to repay their loans due to measures such as restrictions instituted by governments. These moratoriums are treated as a ‘payment holiday’.
  • In a number of existing operating countries, the Group continues growing the branch network, client base and loan portfolio (per client) at a sustainable rate, making sure that clients continue to be able to repay their loans and branch staff can manage client and loan portfolio growth without impacting negatively the quality of the loan portfolio.
  • The Company will look at new markets, however due to COVID-19, the focus in the short term is on fully restoring the current businesses.
  • Pakistan expects to complete its transformation into a microfinance bank before the end of June 2021.
  • Securing a deposit-taking MFI licence in Tanzania.
  • Continue to explore similar options in operating countries in East Africa.
  • Progress with the finalisation of the integrated financial consolidation package for the Group.
  • Completing various IT projects including asset management system, internal audit management system and continuing to improve and build IT infrastructure to meet Information Security Management System as per ISO 27001 standard and strengthening business continuity plan at the country level.
  • Preparing for the roll out of digital financial services, including loans, current and savings accounts, and payment services, but also offering B2B solutions for its core banking functions, in view of complete digitisation of existing processes.

Longer-term focus 

  • The Group plans to continue growing its client base and loan portfolio in existing countries as well as in new countries.
  • The Group expects to continue expanding their branch network, in existing countries as well as exploring opportunities in new countries.
  • To become fully embedded in the local financial community in each of The Group’s operating countries by, if possible, securing and operating central bank-regulated, deposit-taking financial institutions.
  • The Company will pilot its digital financial services in at least two markets in view of offering a client app in all markets as soon as smartphones and internet connections are available to its clients.
  • The Group aims to enhance the application of the ASA Model with a state-of-the-art IT backbone that delivers first-class digital services. This results, amongst others, in increasingly cashless transactions and access to client information anytime, anywhere. The Company aims to introduce digital financial services based on local demand with the objective to further improve the efficiency and quality of its services, seize new market opportunities and further empower operating staff.

Read the full Our Strategy in our Annual Report 2020