Protecting our clients

ASA International’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond financial performance to encompass the well-being and empowerment of its clients. Through a holistic approach, the Group integrates principles of client protection and empowerment into every aspect of its operations.

Upholding Client Protection Principles

Transparency and accountability are fundamental pillars of the Group’s client-centric approach. It adheres to the Client Protection Principles (‘CPP’) developed by the SMART Campaign, which describe the minimum protection that microfinance clients should expect from their providers, as well as the protection that an institution should maintain to serve the best interests of its clients. As part of its commitment to upholding client protection, the Group evaluates its adherence to the CPP through the Client Protection Standards as a key component of its Social Performance Indicator assessment. By maintaining the highest standards of client protection across all aspects of their business, the Group fosters trust and confidence in its relationships with clients.

Listening and responding to feedback

The Group values the feedback of its clients and is committed to addressing their concerns promptly and
effectively. Through mechanisms such as the Client Complaint Resolution Committee (‘CCRC’), clients have a platform to voice their feedback and lodge complaints regarding services or staff behaviour. These open and transparent communication channels help the Group continuously improve its practices and better serve clients’ needs.

Measuring impact and ensuring client satisfaction

Measuring impact and ensuring client satisfaction are paramount to the Group’s mission. The Group recognises that true success lies in the tangible benefits clients derive from its services. Through tools such as the Social Performance Indicator (SPI) and the Client Economic Yield (‘CEY’) survey, the Group internally measures the impact of its interventions on client well-being and economic empowerment. High client satisfaction rates consistently above 90%, reflect the effectiveness of its efforts in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Clients express particular satisfaction with the loan approval process, the loan duration, and the interaction with loan officers. The SPI demonstrates that the Group has a balanced performance across all dimensions, with an overall score of 87%, scoring highest responsible human resource development with 94%. Additionally, CEY results confirm that clients benefit financially from the loan. To enhance data quality, the surveys conducted have undergone a thorough review and updating process. As a result, while figures may appear lower in some cases this year, the Company believes they are now more representative of the operations.