Chief Executive Officer's review

Uplifting operational performance in H2 and beyond

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Chairman's statement

The journey towards sustainable growth

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"A year of two distinct halves with the second half showing strong improvement and giving us real hope for the current year and beyond."

Guy Dawson, Chairman

Investment Case

What makes us different

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Our strategy

The Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and increased financial inclusion by growing its loan portfolio, adding digital financial services and broadening services

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Key Documents

1 Profit before tax and net profit for FY 2023 include an IAS 29 hyperinflation adjustments loss of USD 5.4 million, and profit before tax and net profit for H1 2023 excludes hyperinflation adjustments, as hyperinflation accounting was applied for the first time in the 2023 consolidated financial statements.

2 Outstanding loan portfolio (‘OLP’) includes off-book Business Correspondence (‘BC’) loans and Direct Assignment loans, and loans valued at fair value through profit and loss (“FVTPL”), excludes interest receivable, unamortised loan processing fees, and deducts ECL reserves from Gross OLP.

3 PAR>30 is the percentage of on-book OLP that has one or more instalment of repayment of principal past due for more than 30 days and less than 365 days, divided by the Gross OLP.