“We want to see the end of poverty”

Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury

Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury is the co-founder of the Group and was the Chairman of ASA International from 2007 until 2020. Moreover, he was the founder and President of ASA NGO-MFI Bangladesh since 1978.

Mr Choudhury had approximately 40 years of experience in the microfinance industry. He held a Ministerial Advisor position to the caretaker government of Bangladesh in 2006 and numerous senior advisory positions at several international microfinance organisations including CGAP-World Bank and UNDP Microstart. He was also Director of Catalyst Microfinance Investors and a Managing Director of Catalyst Microfinance Investment Company and CMIMC, all of which he co-founded in 2006.

Mr Choudhury was appointed as Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Company on 28 June 2018. For health reasons, he decided to resign as a Director and Chairman of ASA International on 18 December 2020. At the board's request, Mr Choudhury was assigned the role of President of the Company following his resignation to enable the Company to continue benefitting from Mr Choudhury's valuable guidance and counsel.