Social performance management underpins ASAI’s model. It ensures consistency and enables effective regulation across all the offices in the countries where ASAI operates.

ASAI policies:

1. Client Economic Yield (CEY) Survey

  • ASAI has been successfully conducting a CEY survey every year since 2015. The survey aims to assess how much our clients financially benefit from ASAI’s loan programs.

2. Staff Grievance Mitigation Program

  • ASAI handles staff grievances through independent committees (GMC) at both holding and entity level. Entity level GMCs gather and send all reported issues to the GMC at holding company level for review, guidance and instruction.

3. Social Performance Indicators Tool (SPI4):

  • ASAI and all its entities use SPI4 – one of the most widely used social assessment tools for microfinance institutions. The SPI4 helps microfinance institutions evaluate their implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, including the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles.

4. Client & Staff Satisfaction Survey:

  • ASAI annually conducts client and staff satisfaction surveys.

5. Community projects:

  • ASAI has a proud heritage in CSR through its contribution to sustainable development and the economic and social benefits it provides to all stakeholders. In 2015, ASAI launched an expanded CSR programme to further serve clients and their communities.

6. Smart Campaign Endorsement of 2014: 

  • ASAI and its all entities have endorsed the Client Protection Principle (CPP) of Smart Campaign. The Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: institute client protection in all that we do – to better serve clients and strengthen the microfinance industry.

7. Client Complaint Resolution:

  • ASAI has an established Client Complaint Resolution Committee across all of its entities, headed up by ASAI’s CEO and two other senior executives. Clients can lodge complaints through complaint boxes located in every ASA branch, over the phone or via email. Monthly meetings are held across the group and a quarterly report summarising complaint resolution activity and recommendations is submitted to ASAI’s senior management team.

ASAI initiatives:

ASAI has also committed to a wide range of initiatives across different countries and entities. Some examples include:

  • In India, ASAI has organized eye camps; conducted health check-ups including diabetes detection; provided relief materials to flood victims; arranged leadership programs and coaching for students; and distributed solar lamps to local communities.
  • In Ghana, ASAI has conducted health check ups, tests for eye malaria, BP, diabetes and HIV and provided medicine. It has also provided mosquito nets, poly tanks for water consumption, ceiling fans, chairs and footballs to schools.
  • In Nigeria, ASAI has provided free medical services and donated essential items for orphanages. It also installed a solar energy water pump for drinking water.
  • In the Philippines, ASAI has distributed relief materials to the people affected by natural calamities and provided scholarships for members’ children.
  • In Sri Lanka, ASAI has provided dry rations to victims of torrential rains, landslides and floods. It has also carried out a program for distribute books to local hospitals housing those affected.