Our key strategic pillars

  • We aim to continue to sustainably grow our loan portfolio by winning new clients in the communities where our branches are currently located
  • Growing our branch networks into new regions and gradually increasing the loan sizes to our most successful clients, which, in turn, generally leads to larger loans also being disbursed to our other more junior clients.
  • This growth is supported by the Group’s high client retention rates (78 per cent in 2017) as follow-on loans, which are often larger, are disbursed to repeat clients.
  • We also continually recruit, train and promote loan officers and other field staff, which we believe not only contributes to the quality of the loan portfolio and higher client satisfaction and higher client retention rates, but also contributes to the Group’s reputation through ‘word of mouth’ advertising by satisfied clients.

We aim to leverage the scalability of the ASA Model to gradually expand our geographical footprint and continue to evaluate opportunities to expand into new countries. Our focus is on countries that we believe have high potential for microfinance - including a large population of low-income female micro entrepreneurs who do not have access to credit from traditional banks to start or grow their businesses.

We aim to align the growth in our assets and liabilities by growing the deposit base of our microfinance institutions to provide an alternative, stable, low-cost source of funding. Examples of this part of our strategy in action includes our microfinance institutions in Ghana, Nigeria, Myanmar and Rwanda. 

We believe that the proactive adoption and development of digital and other technology offerings are critical to our ability to compete, provide a better client proposition, continue to reduce our operating costs and increase efficiencies, as well as reduce the risk of errors or misappropriation. As a result, we are continually investing in our proprietary ASA International Micro Banking System (AMBS) and various digital finance initiatives.